Lawn Aeration Services

In addition to mowing, watering and fertilization, core aeration is a highly recommended additional service. To combat soil compaction, which develops over time naturally, we provide core aeration to open the soil, allowing air, water and fertilizer to more effectively reach plant roots. Annual aeration is scheduled as an extra service in most locations and is provided in the fall each year. The process involves using a coring aerator to physically remove small plugs from the soil, about the size of your little finger. Once removed, not only the turf and thatch layer but the soil itself is opened-up, allowing the soil to ‘breathe’.

Every Lawn Needs Core Aeration

The signs that your yard needs aeration may not be as easy to spot as if your lawn needs fertilization. At ExperiGreen Lawn Care we recommend every lawn receives annual core aeration.

Plug aeration gives your turf new life by allowing it to breathe. ExperiGreen Lawn Care's yard grass aeration service will help your tired lawn look new again!

Generally, most lawns will become compacted over time, but those that are compacted tend to show or have one or more of the following:

  • Water puddling on lawn after rain or watering
  • Thatch layer thicker than one-half inch
  • Difficulty sticking a shovel more than half way into the ground
  • Thin, patchy or bare grass that lacks a rich green color due to oxygen/air depletion
  • Heavy clay soils that naturally compress grass roots
  • If soil is driven on by vehicles often, even riding lawn mowers

Proper Aeration

Our professionals understand that plug aeration, if done improperly, can actually damage your lawn – so we take great care to keep the integrity of your lawn intact, while providing effective core aeration.

The Result   

Regular grass aeration is known to enhance root growth and propagation of roots, causing the grass to grow and spread. It also reduces the chances that your lawn will get root rot or fungus. Aerating your lawn can also reduce soil compaction due to lack of rain or drought.

Your lawn will reap the benefits of lawn aeration and will reward you with its lush, green, healthy appearance.

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