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Best Green Places in Avondale, Ohio: California Woods Nature Preserve

With 113 acres of thick forest, the California Woods Nature Preserve is one of the Avondale area’s most secluded getaways. As visitors enter the Nature Preserve, they are greeted with the Preserve’s Nature Center. The Nature Center houses flora and wildlife samples from the Nature Preserve for visitors to enjoy. In front of the Nature Center is a beautifully landscaped butterfly-hummingbird garden, that attracts wildlife from the surrounding preserve. A small rock garden is also near the center, with plants labeled for identification.

The preserve is a haven for native flora, with a diverse population of botanical and horticultural plants for visitors to enjoy. Over 25 species of trees inhabit the preserve, casting their shade and freshening the air for all in the area. Sugar maples, Ohio buckeye, black cherry, sycamore, and white oak trees are the most common trees in the preserve. The hues of green within the Preserve are to be enjoyed, especially in the fall when they contrast with the exploding colors of fall.

Hiking through the California Woods Nature Preserve is a treat. Along the natural surface pathways you encounter a log cabin, bridges that cross over streams, meadows filled with wildflowers, man-made inhabited beehives, steep hills, and open wooded areas. Benches are interspersed throughout the preserve, to give hikers a chance to rest and to take in the beautiful sights around them.

Taking Care of One of Your Favorite Green Spaces

Everyone has their favorite personal green space – whether it is your backyard where you retreat for some well-deserved R&R, or the area around your backyard deck where you enjoy resting after work, or the green area surrounding your patio where you take your evening meals in the spring and summer.

No matter where your green is, ExperiGreen Lawn Care can help make it even more special.

Our team of lawn care professionals understands that making your own personal green space as healthy and as beautiful as possible is important – so important that, in addition to our Programs, we offer these lawn care services to Avondale area:

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    And to help you be able to comfortably enjoy your beautiful green space, ExperiGreen Lawn Care also offers these services:

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