Perimeter / Preventive Pest Control Services

A preventive pest control program targets occasional, seasonal “invaders” such as spiders, earwigs and ants. With our multi-point exterior defense plan we can minimize the pesky invaders from entering your home.

Why Do You Need Preventive Pest Control?

The perfect place for insects, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, and other creepy crawlers to nest and grow along the foundation of your home. Many of these invaders are drawn to the protection and shelter of your home, being shielded and supported by the plants, shrubs and mulch that surround your home.

Drawn by the warmth, protection, and access to food and water afforded by your home, it doesn’t take long for these invaders to move inside of your home through cracks and crevices.

ExperiGreen Lawn Care's perimeter pest control is an outdoor pest control measure that keeps bugs where they belong, outside. Our pest defense treatments are all-in-one centipede, millipede, silverfish, and spider repellents, and your best defense against creepy crawlers!

How Does ExperiGreen Lawn Care’s Perimeter Pest Control Services Eliminate Pests?

ExperiGreen Lawn Care’s barrier pest control creates a shield around the outside of your home that kills on contact and prevents invaders from entering your home.

With our multi-point exterior pest defense plan, we can minimize the pesky invaders from entering your home.

ExperiGreen Lawn Care’s pest professionals are all trained and licensed to apply outdoor pest control products. Our products are all environmentally and pet-safe.

In addition to providing Perimeter Pest Control, ExperiGreen Lawn Care also provides a full range of lawn care products and services, as well as mosquito control and flea & tick control.

Let’s Talk About Your Pest Control Needs

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We can show you how our affordable, non-invasive pest control treatments are an all-in-one centipede, millipede, silverfish, and spider repellents.  Stop creepy crawlers before they enter your home and become a problem.

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