Flea and Tick Control Services

Flea and Tick Control is a valuable added service for pet owners or customers with wooded and grassy areas that are prone to tick infestations. Nothing can be more frustrating or cause potential health issues for your beloved pet, than a flea problem. With our flea and tick prevention service, we can minimize fleas in the outdoor environment, allowing your pet to enjoy the outdoors. Combined with in-home homeowner controls and flea control products for your pet, you can be assured you are doing all you can to minimize these pests. Ticks also attack your pets and present  potentially significant health threats to humans. Diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and others are spread by Ticks. Our flea and tick yard spray will minimize these insect pests and at the same time control fleas.

Fleas and Ticks – More Than Just a Nuisance

You take care of getting rid of pests inside your home; but what about in your yard? Fleas and ticks live in your lawn – sometimes in high populations.

And beyond just being a pest to you or to your pets, fleas and ticks are known to transmit diseases and cause allergies in people and in some pets.

This is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that homeowners consider using the services of a professional pesticide company to help reduce the chances of being infected by a flea or tick bite.

ExperiGreen Lawn Care's flea and tick yard spray treatment offers excellent flea and tick control to protect your family, friends, and pets.
Don't delay, minimize disease-carrying pests with our flea and tick lawn treatment today!

ExperiGreen Lawn Care’s Flea and Tick Yard Treatment Program

Our treatment program is aimed at first eliminating the active fleas and ticks that are living in your lawn and the surrounding area.

We then follow up the initial treatment with applications that help reduce the number of eggs that hatch in your lawn.

This long-term preventative approach is effective in controlling the flea and tick population year-over-year. We even recommend our preventative program for homeowners who are not aware of a flea and tick problem in their yard or neighborhood, but who want to make sure that their lawn is protected.

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