Lawn Fertilization Services

A season long fertilization program is key to maintaining a healthy, weed free lawn. Lawns that are fertilized regularly grow thicker, greener and crowd out competing weeds. Your lawn looks better and has fewer weeds. At ExperiGreen, we use only professional grass fertilization products formulated for residential lawns. Our fertilizers contain all needed nutrients and also include minor nutrients in most cases. This is a key feature that makes an ExperiGreen lawn healthier, thicker with better darker green color than competitors lawns.


Instead of a rich green color with evidence of healthy blade growth and root extensions, your lawn looks pale or pale-ish, with shallow roots and a yellowish tinge to the blades.

Other lawn fertilization companies cannot beat ExperiGreen Lawn care's comprehensive grass fertilization program. You and your envious neighbors will watch your turf become gorgeously green.


ExperiGreen Lawn Care will create a customized lawn fertilization program for your property, which will address the nutritional condition and health of your lawn.

ExperiGreen Lawn Care’s professional lawn care technicians will then administer our environmentally-friendly fertilization program to your lawn, monitoring the progress and adjusting your treatments, if needed, after each visit.  Our formulas are specially created to address your lawn’s fertilization needs in any season.  For example, our late winter fertilization treatments in warm climates promote early spring green-up, while our fall fertilization treatments improve your lawn’s root system and prepare your turf for dormancy.


When combined with a lawn care program that includes weed control, lawn aeration and grub control, your lawn will regain its maximum health and appearance.

The result will be a lush, green, healthy, weed-resistant and drought-resistant lawn that will showcase your home or business.

Learn What It Takes to Turn Your Lawn into a Showcase for Your Home or Business

Call ExperiGreen Lawn Care to talk to one of our lawn care professionals. We’ll take the time to listen to you and to discuss your lawn’s challenges – explaining how our services can help you maximize your investment in your property.  Other lawn fertilization companies fall short when you compare their cookie-cutter programs to our comprehensive programs.

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